[Bio1] 11/11 Pair SW for Cs and Li

  1. Please work on the pair SW mindfully.
  2. Make sure you understand each answer you write on your 1 whole sheet of paper.
  3. Submit your worksheets next week.

Vertebrate Circulation

  1. Draw and describe the plans of the circulatory systems of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals and explain why these are suited to these organisms.
  2. Describe what happens to the chambers (right and left atria and ventricles) and valves of the heart during each phase of the cardiac cycle. Present your summary in a tabular form.
  3. Make a flowchart tracing the flow of electrical stimulation in the heart.
  4. What causes the “lub dub” sound of heartbeat?
  5. Differentiate between the following terms: cardiac output, pulse, and blood pressure.
  6. Why does blood slow down in capillary beds?
  7. Sketch a precapillary sphincter in a capillary bed. What is the function of precapillary sphincters?
  8. Define osmotic pressure and hydrostatic pressure. Compare the osmotic and hydrostatic pressures at the arterial and venus ends of a capillary.
  9. What structures help veins transport blood back to the heart?
  10. What are the major functions of the lymphatic system?

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