[Bio2] Fair week work

Accomplish the following activities during the designated library period.

  1. Log in to edmodo and check your tentative grades for the third quarter.
  2. Complete Pair Worksheet 1 on the Search for the Genetic Material, link: http://www.dnai.org/timeline/. We will discuss this in class during the first meeting next week.

Your photocopy persons will be distributing Pair Worksheet 2 on DNA replication, transcription and translation within the day. Please complete this by pair. Pay special attention to the items assigned to your class number because you will be asked to show what you know in a creative manner (similar to the enzyme activity). This will be presented in class starting the second meeting of next week.

Graviton, please bring your Biology books tomorrow (3/2/16, Wed) (at least 1 per pair) so you can accomplish the second worksheet during the time allotted for Biology. 

Please observe proper decorum in the library.


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