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Hello, welcome to the unofficial resource page for my Biology classes. This is not only for my students but for anyone who might find these resources useful. Do drop me a line if you’ve found my resources useful.

Look around and post your comments, questions, and share your links. This is your page as well as mine. 😉

“The scientist does not study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living.”   – Henri Poincaré.

  • Watch the extremely well-done video below as QualiaSoup explains some Skewed views of science.

We spend our lives learning,

if you like learning, life is large.

~ 311’s Six


3 thoughts on “This site

  1. niko bathan iii - lithium 23 October 2007 / 7:11 PM

    End of 2nd Quarter Reflections
    My favorite topic was on the immune system, specifically on how it functions in killing the antigens. 🙂 My misconception was that the lymphatic system only functioned in defense.
    (Are we really a smart step in the evolutionary ladder?)
    (How did we learn about all of that?)
    I guess I’ll be able to apply them in everyday life, as the lessons make for good story material, military strategies and whatnot. P.S. My everyday life is not what one would call normal.
    Well, that’s it, nothing else. Xiao!
    Oh, comment: more activities! Yay.

  2. Ervin M. Mamaril 23 October 2007 / 7:48 PM

    1.Favorite Topic

    Everything about the immune system! It was really cool to study the mechanisms and special cells in our body which protect us from those evil antigens.


    I really had no idea about our circulatory system being different from those of other animals other than the fact that our heart has four chambers. I learned in class that we have a closed circulatory system which accomplishes double circulation.Thanks Bio2!

    None. Everything has already been answered by our great Bio Teacher =)


    I now know that the speeding up of my heart beats not only means that I’m in love(joke.. ) but also that blood is being transported into the parts where it is most needed. ^_^

    My Life wouldn’t be complete without Bio2… XD (<–comment,I have no suggestions ^^)

  3. rd 8 December 2007 / 12:01 AM

    end of the 3rd qtr reflection shizzle…

    1. favorite topic

    I liked studying respiration, lalo na yung diseases since i made the best educational poster evahhh! (lung cancer)
    Actually, it was cool learning about respiration, since it involved so many other sub-topics and even a substatial amount of chemisty.
    Lung cancer is a very ‘close’ topic to me since my dad treats lung CA as a medical oncologist.

    2. misconceptions

    i didn’t really have misconceptions, rather ‘new’ ish discoveries. (in bulleted form)

    a. salts and some urea is still reabsorbed by your body
    b. caffiene is a diuretic
    c. land snails excrete uric acid
    d. the importance of counter-current exchange not only in gills, but in temp maintenance in appendages
    e. and so much others…


    a. how low in the phylogenic tree does the behavior of migration (for temp/climate purposes) appear? to what organisms? how early in the earth’s history?

    b. are there any substances in our urine that helps in any way with sea urchin stings? how?

    c. how do sensors in the bloodstream work? (for carbonic acid? for pressure? for concentration of salts? for water?)

    4. applications

    to avoid bathroom breaks, and potentially a longer roadtrip…

    – no alcohol
    – no caffiene
    – make your bladder bigger
    – cut your ureters, murder and crush your kidneys
    – bring pee bags (iiwwww!!) >,<

    5. comments/suggestions

    not being sadistic or evil and demented, but they’re AWESOME ^_^

    danke and auf wiedersehen!

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