1. Presentation 13-Respiration and Gas Exchange (only from human respiration)
  2. Presentation14-Osmoregulation and Excretion (only until nephron parts and functions)
  3. Animation-Protonephridia and metanephridia
  4. Animation-Kidney and Nephron Function
  5. Homework-Thermoregulation (for the first meeting on the week of 2/23)
  6. Presentation15-Thermoregulation
  7. Thin Man Activity (page 2 only)
  8. Presentation 16-Musculoskeletal system (Prezi), Muscular Presentation, Skeletal Presentation
  9. Links to Animations for the Musculoskeletal System and Types of Joints
  10. Lab Activity-Chicken Wing Dissection
  11. Presentation 17-Sensory Mechanisms and the Nervous System
  12. Links to Animations for the Nervous System


  1. Presentation 10-Animal Transport
  2. Presentation 11-Human Circulation
  3. Animation-Electrical Conduction System of the Heart
  4. [Video] Crash Course Biology – Respiration and Circulation
  5. Game for Recitation Points-Electrocardiogram
  6. Presentation 12-Immune System
  7. Game for Recitation Points-Pandemic 2 or whitelist-friendly (send me a screenshot of the screen in which you’ve annihilated the human race for points)
  8. Presentation 13-Respiration and Gas Exchange
  9. Animation-Cellular Respiration
  10. Animation-Photosynthesis
  11. Youtube link – Cell Respiration (woo hoo)


  1. Presentation01-The Eukaryotes
  2. Animation-Endosymbiont Theory (shown in class)
  3. Presentation 02-Fungus-like Protists
  4. Article-How brainless slime molds redefine intelligence
  5. Presentation 03-Protozoa
  6. Presentation04-Plant-like Protists (Prezi link)
  7. Presentation05-Evolution of Multicellularity
  8. Article-From one cell to many: How did multicellularity evolve?
  9. Individual HW01-Tissues
  10. LabAct02-Plant and Animal Tissues
  11. Presentation06-Plant and Animal Tissues
  12. Animation-Plant Tissues
  13. Video-Animal Tissues
  14. Review Game on Tissues
  15. Presentation07-Bioenergetics and Digestion
  16. Presentation08-Human Digestion
  17. Presentation09-Cellular and Plant Transport
  18. HW-Cellular Transport
  19. Animation-Cellular Transport (slightly technical)
  20. HW-Plant Transport
  21. Video – Plant Transport
  22. Animation – Xylem Transport
  23. Animation – Phloem Transport

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