1. Presentation09-DNA Replication and Repair
  2. Video link-DNA Replication (youtube)
  3. Animation link-DNA Replication (interactive, more detail)
  4. Video link-Crash Course Biology-Replication
  5. Animation link-End Replication Problem
  6. Presentation10-Gene Expression
  7. Animation link-Transcription
  8. Animation link-RNA processing
  9. Animation link-Translation
  10. Animation link-Translation II
  11. Animation link-Translation III (more detailed)
  12. Animation link-Translation IV
  13. Presentation11-Types of Point Mutations
  14. Presentation12-Control of Gene Expression (optional, not needed for the Perio)
  15. Presentation13-DNA Technology
  16. Animations for DNA Technology
  17. DNA Technology Reports


  1. Presentation06-Biomolecules (ppt), Prezi version
  2. Video link – Crash Course Biology – Carbs, Proteins, Lipids
  3. Video link – Crash Course Biology – DNA Structure (and Replication)
  4. Presentation07-Enzymes (pdf)
  5. Lab Act-Enzymes
  6. Presentation08-The Search for the Genetic Material
  7. Animation link – DNA Timeline
  8. Link – Crick’s letter to his son
  9. Link – Anatomy of Photograph 51


  1. Presentation03-Non-mendelian genetics
  2. SW-Polygenic inheritance coin-toss activity
  3. Problem Set02-Polygenic inheritance
  4. Problem Set03-Non-mendelian genetics and pedigree analysis
  5. Video link-We were all born female
  6. Video link-Sex determination
  7. SW-Pedigree analysis
  8. Presentation04-Pedigree analysis
  9. Presentation05-Chromosomal aberrations
  10. Sample posters from 2014
  11. SW-Chromosomal aberrations
  12. Review Game on Chromosome structure and chromosomal aberrations


  1. Bio 3 Course outline
  2. Presentation00-Introduction and class policies
  3. Presentation01-The cell cycle (final), pdf version
  4. Link-How the cell cycle works (animation)
  5. Link-Biology Basics: The cell cycle (animation)
  6. LabAct1-Mitotic Cells
  7. Style Sheet for Lab Reports
  8. Link-Mitosis vs. Meiosis (animation)
  9. Link-Independent Assortment (animation)
  10. Link-Errors in cell division caused by nondisjunction (animation)
  11. Presentation02-Genetics (final)
  12. Link-Mendelian Inheritance (animation)
  13. Problem Set01-Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses

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