For Teachers

PisayTeach Links

  1. Notes from an accidental bio teacher (Prezi) — nice alternative to powerpoint slideshows because of the ability to zoom in but you have need to have access to the internet while creating and editing your presentation. You need to sign up. Zoom out and watch two videos on the Cell Theory and Cell Parts and Functions.
  2. (Sample) Bio1 First Quarter Course Outline
  3. (Sample) Bio1 Classroom Policies Document
  4. (Sample) Learning Style Inventory
  5. (Sample Webquest) Presentation13-Classification of Living Things — students use reputable online resources to discover answers to questions
  6. Site that shows relative sizes of objects
  7. Using Google Earth to teach biomes and geography
  8. HEdCen Tungtong River Conservation Project — HS students adopt the neighboring river, conduct clean-up sessions, nature walks, and ecological research
  9. Ecological footprint — lets students know how much they are affecting the Earth with the choices they make everyday
  10. Resource for Using Different Case Studies in Teaching Biology
  11. Resource for Creating an Ecosystem in a Beverage Bottle
  12. Eclipse Crossword — downloadable crossword puzzle maker
  13. Cellcraft — Play a game, learn a little bit about cells
  14. Interactive showing the relationships between rabbits and wolves
  15. 5-minute Field Trips for teaching environmental awareness and ecology (I especially like the Food Chain Game on page 24)
  16. Games for the Science Classroom

— more to come —

UPLIFT 2012 downloadables

  1. K-12 Science Curriculum
  2. NISMED G7 Science Storyline 
  3. NISMED Q1 Diversity of Materials in the Environment Overview
  4. NISMED Session Guide Q1 – Module 1 Solutions
  5. NISMED Session Guide Q1 – Module 2 Substances and Mixtures
  6. NISMED Session Guide Q1 – Module 3 Elements and Compounds
  7. NISMED Session Guide Q2 – Module 1 From Cell to Organism
  8. NISMED Session Guide Q2 – Module 2 Plant and Animal Cells
  9. NISMED Session Guide Q3 – Module 3 Other Living Things
  10. NISMED Session Guide Q2 – Module 4 Reproduction
  11. NISMED Session Guide Q2 – Module 5 Interactions
  12. UPLIFT Biology Module 1 – Parts and Functions
  13. UPLIFT Biology Module 2 – Heredity and Variation
  14. UPLIFT Biology Module 3 – Ecology
  15. UPLIFT Biology Prezi (used in the sessions; link only, not downloadable)



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