Team Bio!

Team Bio Meeting 1


  1. Arvin Alba
  2. Jamico Jamlang
  3. Ryan Lintao
  4. Dominic Albao
  5. Benedict Crisostomo
  6. Rigel de Jesus
  7. Johna Mandac
  8. Jordan Milla


  1. Bianchi Dy
  2. Williard Jose
  3. Isaiah Lee
  4. Ryan Misola
  5. JP Pulanco
  6. Ferdinand Sta. Ana


  • Training Schedule – 1 hr, 1x a week for July
  • July 12-16: Bio 1 Topics + trivia (July 16, 2nd UB)
  • July 19-23: Bio 2 Topics + trivia
  • July 26-30: Bio 3 Topics + trivia
  • Aug 9-13: Anything goes + trivia
  • Sample questions, vocab word exercises, presentations will be uploaded to the site:, check the Team Bio tab
  • We will have team/individual games for points and points will determine which teams will be sent to represent the school in competitions in August and September
  • Team Name and Logo for pins
  • YMSAT Bio contest for other HS, start planning for this in November

Bio 1 Review Resources

1.  Presentations to accompany the textbook Biology by Campbell

  • Ecology
  • Taxonomy

2.  Dragonfly book website

Please check back later for more resources.


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